Youth Classes

fall 2017 class SCHEDULE 
september 12 - december 23 



Age 5-7


Age 10+


By permission



Age 4-6


Age 8-11


Age 13+


By permission



Age 3-4


Age 6-8


Age 8-11



Age 9-12


Age 13+


By permission



Age 11+


By permission


Age 11+


By Audition


September 21st & 22nd:    No class
November 21st -25th:    No class
Ballet & Pointe classes are taught by Martha Tornay, Modern Dance classes and Creative Technique are taught by Victoria Roberts-Wierzbowski. See full bios on our faculty page here

  • All new students are invited to join us for a FREE trial class. 
  • Students age 8 and up are strongly encouraged to attend class at least twice a week.  
  • All classes are suitable for boys as well as girls.  
  • Students will be placed in a level appropriate class.  
  • Pointe classes by teacher permission only.  


Modern & Creative Technique

All participants should wear bare feet (no tights or ballet slippers, please) and loose or stretchy comfortable clothing (leggings, sweat pants, stretch pants, or leotards & footless tights are all acceptable!) 


Students can choose to wear a leotard or tight shirt with  footless/convertible tights, leggings or bike shorts. Thin, wraparound ballet skirts are allowed. Hair should be pulled into a bun or securely out of one's face. 

All classes

Please no tutus. No necklaces, hoop earrings or accessories that could catch while dancing.


All new students are invited to join us for a free trial class.

To register, click here. 

Creative Technique, Pointe 1, 2, 3 & 4  ........................

Modern 1&2, Ballet 1/2  .............................................

Modern 3 & 4/5, Ballet 3-7  .........................................

Teen Company  ............................................................

50% deposit is due the first week of classes. Balance is due by October 14th.

** Needs-based scholarships are available upon request through our registration process. For more information, visit our scholarship page. **


Creative Technique & Modern 1
In these fun, lively classes, students are introduced to the fundamentals of modern dance technique through creative lessons using storytelling, song, props, games and lots of structured dance improvisation. Students explore basic skills and concepts (such as level, pathway, direction and rhythm) while developing social skills and refining body awareness and self-expression.

Modern 2 & 3 

Levels 2 & 3 more thoroughly explore the themes introduced in Level 1 while integrating more choreographed movement material, expanding the student’s capacity for physical memorization. Through detailed warm ups, floorwork, set phrase material and improvisation, students increase body awareness while building confidence, strength and flexibility. 

Modern 4/5
This class leads students through a more advanced and nuanced approach to modern dance technique, in a fun and accessible manner suited to teens and tweens. Through floorwork, standing warm up exercises and partner weight sharing explorations, students practice how to build a strong base of supportive muscular engagement and prepare their bodies for safe, aligned dancing. Class includes improvised movement scores, introduction to inversions and lots of choreographed movement phrases focusing primarily on development of timing, rhythm, weight and momentum. 

Ballet 1 & 2 
Basic classical ballet warm-ups are explored with sensitivity to the students’ individual anatomy and capabilities. Emphasis is placed on developing strength and coordination while nurturing a love of dance. Class also explores dance-based games to develop self-confidence and learn how to work in a group. 

Ballet 3-7 
This class is designed to emphasize a physical understanding of the source of ballet technique. Through level appropriate barre exercises students are encouraged to recognize their individual anatomy and learn how to practice ballet in a secure and effective way, placing a strong emphasis on épaulement (upper body) working in harmony with the rest of the body. Center exercises further develop an awareness of technique using accessible combinations that are designed to escalate in complexity, giving the dancer the substantial benefit of a classical ballet class.


Rehearsals: Saturdays, 1:45pm-3:45pm 

Audition only, ages 10+ 

The EVDP Teen Company is a pre-professional audition-based performance troupe. Now entering its tenth year, the company offers a platform for area teens to perform original, student generated choreography as well as repertory from talented guest choreographers. Through weekly rehearsals and regular performance opportunities at a wide range of venues throughout New York and beyond, company members develop skills of collaboration, refine their performance technique, and experience the joys and rigors of working closely with other creative and gifted dance artists.    

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