The Teen Company is a pre-professional, audition-based performance troupe. Now entering its twelfth year, the company offers a platform for area teens to perform original, student-generated choreography as well as repertory from talented guest choreographers. Through weekly rehearsals and regular performance opportunities at a wide range of venues throughout New York and beyond, company members develop skills of collaboration, refine their performance technique, and experience the joys and rigors of working closely with other creative and gifted dance artists.   

Ages 12+, Audition only.   
For questions email eastvillagedanceproject@gmail.com 


1.) When are rehearsals?  
The Teen Company holds weekly rehearsals on Sunday afternoons from 2:30-4:30pm. Because of the skills demanded by the work the company performs, students are encouraged to have taken over two years of continuous dance training.  

2.) Do I have to take class at East Village Dance Project?  
During the time of enrollment in the company, members are required to take dance class at least twice a week, including a modern dance class.  *** One of the two classes must be a technique classes on Sundays to serve as a warm up for the Teen Company rehearsal. *** 

3.) Is there a cost of being part of the teen company?  
Tuition for participation in the company varies per semester. As with all EVDP classes, tuition assistance is offered. At times company members are encouraged to assist with fundraising efforts to support guest choreographers as well as travel costs for any out-of-town performances.  

4.) Where does the Teen Company perform?  
Depending on the year, the Teen Company performs in a wide variety of venues several times a season. Past venues have included La MaMa Theater, Long Island University, 92nd Street Y, Perdue University, New Museum Idea City Festival, and the Fourth Arts Block (FAB) Festival.  

5.) What style of dance does the Teen Company perform?  
Primarily a modern dance-based company, the troupe has also created contemporary ballet pieces, and expands to other genres of dance depending on the interest and enthusiasm of the members. Past guest choreographers have included Molly Lieber, Dante Brown, Amanda Loulaki and Limón Dance Company member Katheryn Alter. In 2012, the company had the unique experience of collaborating with a talented teen musician and composer who performed live with them at La MaMa Experimental Theater.