"What I love most about EVDP is the community. We are all family. " 
 - EVDP Teen Student  

"EVDP has been such a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. [...] I just thought it might be a good time to say thank you for being amazing teachers. Being involved in EVDP has played such a large role in making me the person I am today and I’m incredibly grateful for that."
 - EVDP Teen Student  

"East Village Dance Project was like a second home to me. I learned how to approach dance holistically and made life-long friends. After bouncing around from dance programs around the city I decided to stick with EVDP for many reasons. The close, non-competitive community of dancers provided an environment that I felt comfortable in, which allowed me to focus on learning dance rather than being self-conscious. Martha and Victoria were great teachers and mentors."  
- EVDP Alum  

"As I had studied ballet for twenty years myself, I wanted a school for my daughter where she would have lots of fun and joy moving through a huge studio, be taught correct technique and body placement, feel graceful and expressive, and be spared the stress and strictness that sometimes come with ballet schools. East Village Dance Project has given us all that and more, for the past 4 years. My girl started at age 5. The studio has a homey, caring feel, no uniform is required, and yet Martha really knows her stuff, and knows how to convey it to young kids of every personality type. My daughter loves it and always bounces out of class exhilarated!"  
- Rebecca, EVDP Parent   

"Being part of EVDP and the Teen Company has been such a wonderful source of community and joy and learning of all kinds and an awesome highlight of my life for the past six years."
- EVDP Alum

"EVDP has all the right stuff if you have high expectations for a dance studio. The level of expertise is superb and the joy of dance is alive and well in this friendly and warm environment [...] Not only is this organization a neighborhood gem I think of them as a NYC treasure."  
- EiLeen, EVDP Parent  

"Many dancers in Martha’s group are really skilled, but Martha’s genius lies in the way that she can put together a choreography for children who are NOT YET accomplished dancers and make them look good, make the dance dynamic, exciting and constructed in such a way that kids will be happy to perform with lots of gusto and confidence. "
 -EVDP Parent

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